Aadhaar Online Enrollment

UIDAI began the facility in order to write down Aadhaar Online Enrollment, around in some selected states.  This facility was began in experimental title and will be increased in the entire country if after some time successful becomes.  Soon, where this encounter Online facility become is, in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra thereto.  With the facility, around the Online appointment supplied the registration of Aadhaar appointment online, UIDAI just as with the facility, graduate again around or to nullify the appointment how a previously made has.  

To book aadhaar online enrollment you must need to fill a form where you will be asked the personal details like your e-mail, mobile number, state or union territory, area type (whether rural or urban), city, locality, enrollment centre which is nearer to you, which date and time of enrollment you wish according to your availability of time. A maximum of four people can confirm their appointment at a time, however, you can book again for getting another appointment schedule. After filling up all the details in the form, you need to click on the ‘Fix Appointment’ button to confirm.

After your confirmation of your appointment that you will receive an appointment slip for Aadhaar Online Enrollment which will contain a token number and the details of the schedule when you can enroll for Aadhaar number. The appointment slip must contain the centre Location Details, Date and time of enrollment  no. of persons for whom appointment has been fixed, Contact person at the enrollment centre, Registrar Name and Enrollment Agency. After taking the printout of that slip you need to visit the mentioned Aadhaar Online Enrollment centre along with valid Proof of identity ( PoI) and Proof of address (PoA) both are mandatory along with the appointment slip.

If you are not satisfied with the date and timing of you Aadhaar Online Enrollment then you can also re-schedule or cancel your appointment for enrollment.

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