15 February is no longer a deadline for Aadhaar link with LPG: C.M

This is certainly news of the relief for the people of Andhra Pradesh as 15 February 2013 is the no more longer deadline for Aadhaar with linked LPG subsidy. That explains that the Andhra Pradesh C.M N Kiran Kumar Reddy confirmed this declaration on 6 February,which brought big relief to the people of the A.P state them that did not register itself for Aadhaar or either not enrolled for Aadhaar or have not received yet their Aadhaar card.  While the people rush to enrollment camps itself that in the scuffle to the centers in the Hyderabad, C.M Kiran kumar Reddy attended a meeting with his officials and also asked them to setup 300 more enrollment camps in Hyderabad.  

C.M also indicated to setup camps for the redressing of queries related to lost Aadhaar card and not obtaining of Aadhaar letters.  C.M Office also indicated those people who have either not received Aadhaar card or have lost them to enroll again for Aadhaar. The existing practice of subsidy will continue until further notification from the government. C.M also asked to finish the complete enrollment process in the A.P in the upcoming 4 to 5 months. C.M Office said that the transfer scheme was being implemented on a pilot basis.

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