irctc railway pnr status check

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How to check irctc railway pnr status online

irctc pnr status
Railway pnr status
There is simple way to get irctc railway pnr status online, first we must know what is pnr means, in the travel industry means airways or railways a pnr (passenger name record) is a record in the database of a computer reservation system that contains the journey or route for a passenger or a group of passengers traveling single or together, first airways introduce pnr status, now its available railways also.

Pnr status of your Indian railways or irctc booking can be checked online easily by entering the 10 digit pnr (passenger name record) number. you will find the pnr number on the top left corner of the ticket. passengers can check the status of reservations online by using pnr number through various zones like south, north, central railways.

irctc railway pnr status check please click Here

or enter your ten digits pnr number below

Pnr status

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